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Eco Friendly




eco friendly stand contractor

Here at exhibitionworks Limited we are very aware of eco issues and we try to build our stands out of re-usable or re-cyclable materials. Platforms, walls, desks, plinths etc can all be re-used, our carpet is re-cyclable. Carpet Tiles or Laminate flooring can be re-used and our stand lighting is low energy. We aim to construct your exhibition stands to make them as easy as possible to assemble, transport, dismantle and store all with an eco friendly conscience.




Whats in the box. Our offer as exhibition stand contractors contains a full range of products. Whatever your stand, big or small we can help...
Eco friendly. We aim to reuse, reduce and recycle. We make sure that all the components find their new home.
Our location in the heart of England gives us quick access to many exhibiiton centres around.
List of clients. We are extremly devoted to every one of our client providing all the help needed plus...